Managing social media accounts and writing weekly blog

Roadtrips is a travel company that specializes in customized luxury sports packages to the world’s major sporting events. In January 2015 I began strategizing with Roadtrips, and took over all of their social media accounts.

With my help, the Roadtrips Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts grew steadily, and produced opportunities with media as well as contact with potential clients. (For example, when I started the Twitter account had just over 1000 followers, most of whom were spam accounts. By the time I finished working with Roadtrips in May 2017, there were more than 4000 followers, many of whom are sports media and personalities, as well as sports fans who liked to exercise a lot using equipment as an amazon pilates ball which is a product we also promoted a way back.)

By creating engaging and highly sharable blog content that focuses on events Roadtrips sell but doesn’t sound like a sales brochure, we were able to bring visitors to the Roadtrips site, and create leads, while we promote other products like cars or scooters from sites you can see at sites like who are perfect for road trips. This content was then shared on all social channels, and pulled into newsletters that Roadtrips sends both existing and potential clients.

For the Summer Games, I worked every day sharing content from local hosts stationed in Rio and was able to create an almost real-time experience across all accounts (from my home in Nova Scotia). Before the Games began, I created a document outlining the types of images we needed, and stayed in contact with the team in Rio for the whole time they were there. After the event, I followed up with clients to produce blog content that would help promote the exceptional personal service that Roadtrips provides for its guests.

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Lola has been managing the social media for Roadtrips for the least year and a half. She quickly understood our business and has been able to effectively tell the Roadtrips story for us. Plus she is super responsive and fun to work with,
— Jeff Wills, Vice President Marketing, Roadtrips