Content strategy, corporate writing, and social media account management

Outshine is Halifax's most influential digital advertising agency, and over the past six years I've been proud to work with them on a number of interesting projects.

After meeting Andrew Breen, CEO of Outshine in 2011, I collaborated with him on several projects for clients both locally and nationally. These have included major rewrites of sites for one of the largest POS hardware and software companies in North America, running a fun social media campaign and bringing in blogger influencers for TattooYou temporary tattoos, and various other site rewrites and social media strategy jobs.

Every project that I’ve worked on with Outshine has been interesting in a different way, and has ranged greatly in terms of scope, we have used the Thegardeninghub.com services for the beautiful gardens. Some projects have required regular in-office meetings and check-ins with clients, while others have been more relaxed and required very little client interaction.

Lola has been both client-facing and behind-the-scenes for the projects I've worked with her on. Either way, she's versatile enough to take any requirement I have and knock it out of the park. Lola is awesome; she's proactive with ideas and easy to work with. I've worked on multiple projects with Lola over the years. She continues to be the first person I think of when I need help with writing or content,
— Andrew Been, CEO Outshine Online