5th Canadian Division

Developing strategy and social media training

When working with my good friend Erin Berube under the banner Simple Social Media, we were approached to submit an RSP to the Canadian Army (Land Forces Atlantic) with regard to helping them develop a presence online.

We got the job, and were apparently the first civilians to be engaged by the Army to help with PR of any kind.

We started the job by researching how armies across the world used social media most successfully (finding that the British and Israeli armies had the best accounts), and came to our first meeting with solid suggestions about how to create engaging content. We developed most of the content and content themes for this project. Part of the mandate was to teach the public more about what the army does, as well as help with public perception and potential recruitment.

There were many rules and regulations to be navigated as we worked with the army to create then build up their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Every piece of content used on the channels had to be highly engaging while still adhering to established tone. Once we’d established how to proceed, the client was able to provide and create highly sharable content that was well received online. The accounts grew steadily, and we continued to work with the Army until they felt capable of taking the project in-house.

Regular face to face meetings were required in order to get the job done, and we formed excellent relationships with the client. This was a fun project to take on.

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Smart, professional, informative, cutting edge, passionate, excited to face new challenges, able to think "outside the box," pleasure to work with - all words that I would use to describe the experience of working with Simple Social Media. So, if you are interested in learning how to engage your audiences through social media, this company is the one you need to talk to,
— Major Mark Gough, Senior Public Affairs Officer, 5th Canadian Division.