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Sex Stories

Four Ways to Have More Sex, Revive, Winter 2011

A look at getting rid of the barriers to intimacy, and getting more sweet loving.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Flare, February 2011

Dispelling the myths and celebrating the facts about our sex lives.

The Night I Took a BJ Class, Click by Lavalife, February 2009

Really, you just have to read this one.

Swinging: A Beginners Guide, Click by Lavalife, November 2008

Everything you needed to know about becoming one of “those” couples.

Risky Business, Fashion, February 2008

Why aren’t smart women practicing safe sex?

Little Pink Pill, Naked Eye, Winter 2007

Why Viagra never found its feminine side, and girls probably don’t need it anyway.

Your Burning Sex Questions Answered, Cosmopolitan, April 2005

Need to know how long to wait after doing it before nipping off to the loo or whether to call him after you do the deed? Have no fear, the experts I interviewed for this piece have all the answers.